Monday, July 21, 2008

So Now I Have To Change My Name

I spent the weekend visiting my sister in her cute new house in Virginia. (Hi Suefunky!) And I'm feeling all cosmopolitan and c to .ool and fabulous as I just ran out for the weekend and came back on Monday morning and I'm all ready to hop in a cab and drop off my bags and go get my dog from the vet.

Except I upgraded to first class on Sun Country (NB: Price has increased from $89 to $99. Do you get $10 more free drink? Discuss) and because it was a morning flight, I drank Diet Coke instead of alcohol. And, due to the frequent patches of turbulence throughout the flight, the "Fasten Seat Belt" sign is on for most of the flight--except it gets turned off just long enough for the flight attendant to get me more Diet Coke.

Fortunately, I'm in the second row, so I can get off the plane pretty quickly and get to the restroom. And I am literally in there for 34 seconds, when somebody comes in and makes an announcement that "Cate Ross left her ID on the plane. Is there a Cate Ross here?" Okay, I'm here, but I'm in no position (ha ha) to go reclaim my ID at this particular moment. So I call over the door, and I am told to go pick it up from the flight attendant.

But! The news spreads! Because why? I don't know! But every damn woman who comes into that bathroom is worried about this whole ID thing. "Did you hear? Cate Ross left her ID on the plane!" "There's a lost ID. It belongs to Cate Ross!" "Do you think Cate Ross knows she left her ID on the plane?"

I have never been so tired of hearing my own name! By the time I emerge, EVERYBODY knows that I am Cate Ross and I have left my ID on the plane! I'm not watching the local news.

(Actually, I didn't LEAVE my ID on the plane--it was inside my bag, and fell out when I stowed the bag beneath the seat in front of me. I could have happened to anybody! Really!)

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~moe~ said...

Did you get the full can of Diet Coke or just a glass? I'm not sure either is worth $10. Hmmm....