Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yes! You are about to be treated to a meal, as it were, of random thoughts which by themselves would not make up a blog post, but by being attractively served on a collection of tiny little plates and bowls, creates a festive and nutritious and wholly worthy entry. Or entree. (See! How I did that! Made a joke while maintaining the metaphor.)

I was going to title this entry "Leftovers," but my little metaphor got me carried away and thinking that I should upgrade my self-image.

So, here goes:

You Know You Have The Right Dog When. . .

You are driving down your block, and see a really cute dog out for a walk, and then realize it's your kids taking your dog for his walk. (Freudians and psychology majors can make a meal here, by analyzing why I recognized my pet before I recognized my very own offspring.)

And It Rains After You Wash Your Car
So, spring has been sidling up to Minnesota over the last couple of weeks. The very bravest of little buds have started to show up on the sunny side of the trees. It was reportedly 81 degrees (that's Farenheit!) here two weeks ago, although I don't know that myself, as I was in San Francisco that week.

So, yesterday, I happened to look at some shoes. I do enjoy shoes, as Mr. Sweetie would probably confirm with a heavy sigh and exaggerated eye roll. I could write more about the nature of my shoe habit, the size and composition of my collection. . .but I will spare you that.

I will just say, I found some really cool two-inch Mary Jane mules, and bought them on a whim. I wore them yesterday, and they were awesome. Really comfortable, secure on my feet, and I felt like da bomb in them.

So of course it snowed today.

More Snow Whining

Mr. Sweetie is travelling today, to Orlando. The day it snows here--in April!--and he is off on a business trip to Florida. Do we call that dodging a bullet? Can we create (and then play on to our advantage) some guilt about leaving me to handle the weather while he jets away?

Nah. Not this time. I save that for when I want something expensive!

Manicure Mistiming

I got a manicure--about three weeks ago now, before I went on all those family trips. The color came off after a few days, but my nails! They had been pretty short and they just kept growing! In this healthy and nicely shaped way! And yesterday, I noticed that they were getting pretty long and I should probably get another manicure to keep them looking nice.

You guessed it. I chipped one pretty short. But that was nothing to the one that ripped off as I was putting wet laundry into the dryer. The manicure will have to wait until that nail grows long enough to even have the white part.

And The Worst Of It Is That It Was Me Being The Idiot

The really poignant part of the story--if you are sentimental like that, that is--is that I noticed I needed a manicure, and I had time to get one, and. . .I had lost my credit card.

Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a big problem--why not use cash? Or a check? But I had also lost my drivers license with the credit card, so I couldn't provide any identification, and the lost credit card was my ATM card. Sure, there were probably other solutions, but I needed to find that credit card. I had a specific recollection of pulling out my license and my card at the grocery. I remembered putting them into the back pocket of my jeans. They weren't there. So, I looked everywhere--my wallet, my purse, my jacket, my car, my dresser, my dresser drawer, the pockets of all my jeans, the pockets of the jeans that were in the laundry. I even did the laundry so I would be sure to find all my jeans pockets. I dug the grocery bags out of the recycling bin to see if I had dropped them in with the food. No where.

It was dinnertime when I finally found them, hiding under the grocery list. But by then, of course, it was too late, as the nails had [see above].

Personal Business News

I got notified by a couple of friends yesterday that my old law firm was closing down. They announced they would close the doors and dissolve by the end of the month. It's amazing how sad that makes me.

I had some really good times there, before my kids were born and before I was whacked by depression. I enjoyed the people, I enjoyed the work, and I was good at it too. After I left, the firm grew bigger and added more practice groups, and outgrew their space and moved into a different building, where they were going to be the anchor tenants. And now this.

I had two unworthy thoughts, which I will share with you, internets. You won't tell anybody, will you?

1. How odd--the bookclub that I started with some other lawyers while we were at that firm, has outlasted the firm.

2. All those dreams I have had over the years, where I went back to work there, because they really needed me? Especially the one where they couldn't afford to turn on the overhead lights, but they knew bringing me back would change everything? Could I have been right?

But I hope not, since if dreams are premonitions, I'm in for years and years of bosses walking in on me on the toilet. And losing all my teeth.

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Sue A said...

There is no reason your other nails need not be manicured because you broke one nail. Go get another if you want, a broken nail can be accomodated. (And jump in that massage chair and get a pedicure too. I am in favor of pedicures for everyone!) And think how smokin you'll look in your new Mary Janes!

WOW! On the firm. That is much to absorb/reflect/happen. That is a big event.