Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just A Little Off The Top And Sides

This, courtesy of MamaPop, is amazing. Celebrities' photographs, air brushed and altered into the images that we actually see. [Click on "Portfolio" at the top of the page.] Some of them are highly "adjusted"--People are skinnied up, re-proportioned, and given such a light and creamy skin tone that they actually look more like wax figures than actual wax figures do.

Sure, seeing that even professional photographs are heavily "edited" makes the world seem a little more fair. Except that Halle Berry looks just as good "before" as "after." Cate Blanchett is still incredibly compelling; she needs no retouching. Julia Stiles works that green gown, and her body isn't altered at all.

Here's an interesting one--Eva Longoria in black lingerie. The retouching narrowed her waist, lifted her boobs, and rounded her thighs to look more curvy! No wonder we don't look like the women in the magazines--we don't get to distort reality nearly enough!

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