Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Globes 2014

Launching at 6:30--after watching E! for the first half hour.

Trends? Sleek. Structural, lots of black and white. Maybe Laura Carmichael is the platonic idea.

Lady Edith! Who knew she was so drop dead gorgeous!

Julia Roberts is chatting with Ryan Seacrest. Dolce and Gabbana--I do not like the white shirt, especially since it is pulling at her armpits as she gestures. It also doesn't fit smoothly into the back of the dress. What is the what about that--was it really supposed to be worn that way?

Jennifer Lawrence, exaggeratedly sneaking up behind Taylor Swift. Lawrence is on trend, with black and white, but it's a very very big dress.

Lots of high-low hemlines (mullets are back, but not on heads anymore)--nice for showing off expensive shoes (cf. Elizabeth Moss and Zooey Deschanel, less so Aubrey Plaza, only because her shoes actually look a little bit cheap).

Jennifer Lawrence's dress--kind of odd bunching, like instead of being tailored, it was taken in via drawstring. And it's Dior, so it's VERY EXPENSIVE drawstring.

Sarah Paulson, in a sort of blush tea length sparkle spectacular, and sleek hair--which could be described unkindly as "straw straight…"

Lots of pregnant ladies--Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, and Kerry Washington. She's got the high-low hem, "sleek" hair, but very busy dress. Monique Lhullier with 3D flowers.

Julie Louis-Dreyfus in lovely sleek red, Narcisso Rodriguez. Giuliana is still creeping out about "what is your work out" and "your body is awesome"--you need some new questions, G.

Emma Roberts has slicked down hair, a sleek black dress--only missing the hem to be all up in the trends.

Just checked out NBC--commercial. Again.

Olivia Wilde, in a sleek pine green sparkle dress.  She looks great.

Allison Williams is in the Glam cam, in structural black and white.

Sarah Hyland, in pink with sparkles.

Zooey Deschanel--I'm not loving the dress or the hair--it all looks kind of uncomfortable, like it's all likely to start sliding around. But I like her shoes very much.

Over to NBC, Carson Daly's with Hayden Panettiere--black and white, slicked back sleek hair, and tiny!

Surprise--all the men are wearing tuxes, with white shirts---I don't care, show me dresses!

Kerry Washington is in a lovely white dress with some seriously misbegotten breast darts.  She's too beautiful for what that vest is doing to her.

Usher bucks all the trends, with a mahogany tux and black shirt and bow tie.  Orlando Bloom needs a comb.

E!--Zoe Saldana in a black/pink Prabal G****. It's very busy, lots of brooches scattered across the front panel, with bias cut-outs and dangly bits that the camera doesn't even try to show us.

Sofia Vergara in a black Barbie dress--tight to the knees, then big below that. LOTS of cleavage, and an ENORMOUS necklace of turquoise flowers maybe? Again--no real close-up.

Three minutes to show--nobody is going to be standing around outside, so I'm switching to NBC, and running to the bathroom so as not to miss anything…

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