Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shackleton's Journal--Day 27

Honestly, things are so hard while one-legged and on crutches that it feels like a frigging expedition around here. "Today, the team rested, for tomorrow we attempt the Changing of the Sheets on the Bed."

I mean, when you have only one leg and both your hands are needed for the crutches, how do you get the sheets off a bed, ferry them to the washing machine without tripping on them, and then get them back onto the bed? Much hopping, and I wound those sheets around me like a Bedouin in a sandstorm. Literally, I had them around my neck and looping over my shoulders and I even carried the pillowcases in the hollows made by the swathing.

"Day 25--despite the cold temperatures and my continued disability, it was clear we had to attempt to change the sheets, as the sled dogs were beginning to complain of the odor.  After we assembled the materials, we made a cautious foray to the laundering area. No casualties were sustained. Once the sheets were returned to the camp, we had a secondary expedition to the showers, so as to retain the fresh laundry smell."

A shower is kind of tricky too, what with getting over the lip of the tub without standing on the injured leg. Once in, there is no rail, and balancing on one foot while washing is harder than yoga. Then the whole tub is slippery, so getting out again involves a hand towel to sit on while drying off and strapping the boot back on.

It's hard, but a cast would only be worse, because you can take the boot off.

"Our next expedition will be tomorrow--a long crutch hike to the mail box! We may need to bring suppllies."

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